October 2019

1)  AT Consideration annually for students with disabilities is required-don’t skip over in IEP meeting
  • Is there a tool that might help a student become more independent?
  • Is there something a para is doing for a student that a tool could help a student do on their own?

 2) Any follow-up questions from Back to school training

3) Progress Reports: for quarters, 1st coming due.  Data (numbers) must reflect progress on what the goals says will be measured and each objective must be addressed.  It’s ok to have 1 reporting period of insufficient, but explanation and inclusion of data to support that must be included. If on semesters and student has fall IEP meeting, still report at semester time unless IEP is in December.  Then again at end of year.

4) ESY data can be taken over MEA break

5) Secondary Transition - IEP Meeting Agenda & Guided Notes

6) Secondary Transition Resource Booklet -remember to hand out to families at IEP meetings.  If you need more, email Jess Knutsen

7) Middle School Teachers- if you end up assessing secondary transition as part of a re-evaluation or initial, the transition pages of the IEP must be completed as well.  See attached for guidelines on how to complete.

8) Upcoming Trainings.  Check the NLSEC Calendar for more information on registration

  • Return to Play, Return to Learn: TBI - Oct 24th, 2019 8:30AM - 2:30PM
    Registration here. Carlton County Transportation Department
  • Woodcock-Johnson Assessment Training - October 25, 2019 8:30AM - 3:00PM  
    NLSEC Conference Room

  • Secondary Transition 101 - October 29th 8:30-11:30 
    Back to basics.  Target audience is for new teachers or those needing a refresher.
    NLSEC Conference Room, Esko
  • Northern Bridge Tools for Transition Dinner - October 30, 2019 5:30PM - 8:00PM
    Blackwoods, Proctor.  Contact Jess Knutsen with questions
  • Disability Specific: EBD Training  - November 4th 8:30-3:30 PM
    Carlton County Transportation Department.  Registration here.
  • Assistive Technology Training -  November 7th 9-12:00PM
    AT Device Demonstration and Bookshare.org - Northland Learning Center, Virginia.
    Registration here.
  • ECSE meeting -  November 18th , 2019 11:30AM-2:30PM
    NLSEC Conference Room
  • Cancelled - Sexuality for All Abilities - November 19, 2019  12:30PM-3:30PM
    Community Memorial Hospital, Cloquet 
  • FASD Region 3 training November 20, 12-3PM, Hibbing High School. 
    Registration here.