November 2019

1. Self Monitoring MDE review: Timelines important, should be a comprehensive evaluation, address strengths in academic and functional areas in PLAAFP, have measurable goals, progress reporting should include data from goals, document when consulting with gen ed staff.

2. Vision Consultant, Zandra Bail-Lalonde:  Don’t forget to include Zandra in evaluations and she will need medical documentation of student vision/blind impairment. Further requirements need to be met in criteria, not automatically qualified for blind/low vision services.

3. Status: Case managers update this field as needed in SpEd Forms, reminder to fill out the Coop Data Forms for “new to you” students, or significant changes in MARSS data elements (MARSS Reference Guide). Status 6 = public agency, Status 4 = receiving services from district.

4. Transportation: Disabled Status of 3, Special Transportation Status of 6.  Status of 6 is primarily home treatment, contact your MARSS person if using a 6 Special Transportation.

5. Work-based Learning and Transportation: IEP needs to include special education transportation. The district can’t set up bussing without the IEP details of how this supports the IEP goals.

6. Assistive Technology: One page AT Consideration and Trial Process document.  Includes links to Lending Libraries, Example AT Tools, SETT document, Data Collection Form and AT Decision Documentation Form for Business Manager.

: Free ebook resource (with audio) for students with Visual impairments, Physical impairments, LD students with reading accommodations, dyslexia. Coop will support districts in setting up Organization Account. If interested, contact Shannon

8. Secondary Transition: Three major components 1) Coach - student and family think about goals  2) Design - what skills needed to achieve their goals  3) Identify and link - direct student/family to supports/programs available after high school.  Secondary Transition IEP Meeting agenda.   Secondary Transition Booklets.

9. Secondary Transition Reminders: Address secondary transition starting in 7th grade, when student turns 16 parents/student must be informed of Age of Majority, start discussion in 9th grade for Anticipated Graduation Date, make sure to include statement in Team Meeting Notices addressing students transition needs.

10. School Age Parent Resource Booklets: Special Education resources for parents of birth to school age children (typically for parents new to special education).  Topics include special education overview, county services, behavioral mental health, community resources, advocacy, preschool age resources, AT,  and child development resources.

11. Progress Reporting:  Measurable data for each objective, plan for frequency of reporting, ok if insufficient progress is identified, however the team should discuss why and come up with a plan to help the child make progress.

12. December 1st Child Count: Talk with MARSS Coordinator to compare IEP Data.  Key components:  1) Resident District  2) Enrollment Options  3) Federal Setting correct  4) Primary Disability correct  5) Start Date 14 days from date sent PWN  6) Status End Date update  7) Currency (meetings on time)   8) Finalize everything between Dec 1, 2018 - Dec 1, 2019.

13. Federal Instructional Settings: Bell to bell, every building has a Setting 3, Setting 8 and “partial day” should be temporary and last resort.

14. NLA Setting IV: Coordinator should be included in conversation if student might be eligible. Can support up to 32 students.  NLA Referral Process, NLA Referral Packet, NLA Pre-referral Checklist.

15. Documenting the Need for Paraprofessional Support in a Student’s IEP:  Questions to consider:  1) Does the IEP goals and objectives focus on independence? 2) Is there AT that will support the student in becoming independent?  3) Other interventions tried? 4) Does the student need exceed the capability of existing staff?  5) What is the plan in the IEP to reduce the need for the paraprofessional?

16. Prior Written Notice: Single most important piece of due process documentation… should “tell the story”.

17. Work Boxes: Visual and hands on activities addressing functional skills, academic (math, reading, social studies), fine motor, job specific boxes like putting together toiletries for hotels. Work Boxes - Google Form with inventory.

18. Upcoming Trainings, check our website 
 - Due Process Paperwork nights @ NLA; next Jan 14th. Email
 - ECSE Back to Basics Nov 22 @ Carlton Co Trans Bldg;  9-2:30PM  Register here
 - New Teacher Follow up Dec 5th @ NLSEC; 8:30-11:30am Email
 - Region 3 ECSE PD Dec 6 and Dec 19; contact Jessica Brown with questions
 - Secondary Transition Dec 10 @ NLSEC; 8:30-11:30am  Email (Cancelled)
 - DCD Training Dec 16 @ NLSEC; 8:30-11:30am  Email

Link to downloadable PDF of November 20, 2019 Communication Committee Meeting.