2022-23 Communications

Communications for the 2022-2023 School Year

September 2022

1) August 24, 2022 New Teacher Training Slideshow (pdf)
2) 2022-2023 Back to School Special Education Training Slideshow (pdf)

October 2022

1) Updates to Third Party (MA) Billing Process Memo from Dena Hagen October 2022 (pdf)

Communication and Advisory Committee Meeting October 11, 2022 slideshow (pdf)

1) Signatures: Always get a real signature when doing anything with "Initials".  (i.e., initial eval, initial IEP).

2) SpEd Forms updates: CHLD abbreviations will pull preferred name, BIP end date July 1, 2023, Evacuation Plan available, Special Transportation has been renamed to “Transportation”, IEP Snapshot and more can be downloaded and printed in mass format, SpEd Forms 2.0 IEP PWN/ Consent page all on one screen now.

3) NLSEC Reevaluation Flowchart: updated!

4) Progress Reporting:  Progress Reporting will be monitored next year (23-24), have a way to track student data.  Examples here.  Include how and when progress will be shared. (ie. progress towards annual goals will be reported through one annual IEP mtg and 3 written progress reports concurrent with district reporting).

5) Amending an IEP: When making a significant change to an IEP after the IEP have been finalized, can amend the IEP with or without an IEP meeting, parents must be in agreement without a team meeting.  This does not change annual IEP date. Check the “Amended” box on IEP in SpEd Forms.
Amending without a meeting - complete Agree to Amend form and send PWN with IEP changes home
  - Amending with a meeting - send PWN home with pages of IEP indicating change
  - Sample Agree to Amend SpEd Forms

6) Extra-curricular and non-academic documentation in IEP: IEP team role is to determine if extra supports are needed in extra-curricular activities. This box is available in SpEd Forms under Accommodations and Modifications.

7) District Representative box on Notice of Team Meeting: New, use this if need clarification on who that person is.

8) LRE: Answer these questions- why must the student be removed from gen ed setting to receive services, what is the student missing, does the LRE match the service grid?

9) December 1st Child Count: Students must have the following… a valid IEP, current eval or re-eval, and be receiving spec ed and related services on Dec 1.  Data must be accurate in MARSS.

10) MyInfinitec.org: Online resources available to everyone in Region 3 (gen ed, paras, admin, teachers, etc.). 
  Highlighted: Category - Kansas Training de-escalation modules for Para’s.

11) Upcoming Events: WJ Training virtual this winter, NLSEC Training calendar

January 2023