March/April 2019

  • Sped Forms updates
    • Federal Setting second date
    • Part B PWN (July 1) - Screenshots of new PWN Forms
    • Sped Forms ER Templates - moving Summary, Needs, Adaptations/Modifications and Eligibility to top (July 1)   *NLSEC Templates no change!
  • Monitoring Updates
  • Extended School Year-Start looking at data or other areas to qualify for ESY
    • Coop ESY Data Form
    • IEP changes to reflect yes or no 
    • Get information to your District ESY Administrator
    • See a Coordinator with other questions
    • Detailed email from Heidi here
  • Birth to 2 Summer Services
  • NLSEC is still looking to fill the ASD position.  Be mindful of requests to Jill Pring.  

  • ASD Consultant
    • Exhaust the resources of your school team including any licensed staff in your district and your school psychologist
    • Then ask your NLSEC coordinator before requesting support of Jill