November 2018

1) December 1st Child Count

  • Initial IEP meetings need to be held and have signature to count for Dec. 1st child count.
  • Student must have a valid IEP less than 1 years old
  • Student must have a current Special Education Evaluation less than 3 years old
  • Student must have an active IEP and receiving services on Dec. 1st
  • ***Change forms need to be completed, so that the MARSS coordinator is aware***

2) Due Process "How To's" Guides and Checklists Quick Link added.

NLSEC Home page

3) Goal Writing Templates

4) Changing an IEP to an IIIP (MARSS 4 to 6), same MARSS status applies to IFSP, the IFSP document  can be a multiagency plan with a status of 6 when a public agency is involved

5) Steps for amending an existing IEP