Erica Hosmer

Erica Hosmer - Outstanding Special Education Teacher!
Erica Hosmer, Special Education Teacher, is an outstanding educator in the Barnum School District.  She works tirelessly to do the right thing for students - and works hard to build strong relationships.  Her students know that she's invested, and this helps them reach their fullest potential. 

Erica loves being a special education teacher and had always wanted this career since she was 10 years old. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Superior, she taught in Fulda, MN for a couple of years. She and her husband were born and raised in Barnum and knew they wanted to come back home to raise their own family. Her father was the head custodian for 44 years and her father-in-law was a teacher and principal for 34 years for the Barnum School District. Erica has worked in Barnum for 14 years teaching students with special needs, with a focus in middle school ages. They currently live in Willow River and have 4 beautiful, crazy children. Erica and her husband love the small-town vibe and are busy with sports and spending time with friends and family.

Erica's favorite part of working in Special Education is working with students who teach her what it means to work hard and be resilient while having a positive attitude. She appreciates that she can spend more time with her students and get to truly know them. She is able to work with a large variety of students with different ages, learning styles, strengths and abilities. Erica also works with an exceptional team who supports her through her struggles, can roll with changes and create new plans on the fly. They have lots of laughs and a lot of fun at Barnum High School. She would never describe herself as an “outstanding” teacher, rather someone who's very passionate and loves what she does. She thanks everyone for this recognition!

Congratulations Erica!