NLA Board Agendas and Minutes

Northern Lights Academy board meetings are held once a month, typically the first Thursday or Friday of the month.  Meetings are held virtually through a Google Meet or in person at the Northern Lights Special Education Cooperative offices in Esko, MN.  16 E. Hwy 61.  See the list below for exact dates and locations.  To access a Google Meet virtual meeting, please contact your school district's superintendent's office to arrange for participation in the meeting.

2023 NLA Schedule of Regular Board Meetings
*Board Approved January 4, 2023
Wednesday January 4, 2023-9 am Organizational Meeting/Google Meet
Friday February 3, 2023-10:30 a.m. NLSEC Conference Room, Esko, MN (NLSEC meeting at 9am)
Friday March 3, 2023-9a.m. Google Meet 
Thursday April 6, 2023-10a.m. Google Meet
Friday May 12, 2023-10:30a.m. NLSEC Conference Room, Esko, MN (NLSEC meeting at 9am)
Friday June 2, 2023-9a.m. Google Meet
Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 9 am.  Google Meet
Friday August 4, 2023-9a.m. Google Meet
Friday September 8, 2023-9a.m. Google Meet
Friday October 6, 2023-10:30a.m. Carlton High School Conference Room - 405 School Ave. (NLSEC meeting at 9am)
Friday November 3, 2023-9a.m. Google Meet
Friday December 1, 2023-9a.m. Google Meet
Friday January 5, 2024-9 a.m. Organizational Meeting/Google Meet
NLA Board Members

*NLA Board members are the Superintendents of the NLSEC 12 member districts.
Superintendent, Bill Peel, Barnum  
Superintendent, Donita Stepan, Carlton  
Superintendent, Michael Cary, Cloquet  (Vice Chair)
Superintendent, Nathan Libbon , Cromwell-Wright
Superintendent, Aaron Fischer, Esko (Chairperson)
Superintendent, Wayne Whitwam, Hermantown (Clerk)
Superintendent, Jay Belcastro, Lake Superior  
Superintendent, Brad Johnson, McGregor
Superintendent, Billie Jo Steen,  Moose Lake
Superintendent, Kerry Juntunen, Proctor  (Treasurer)
Superintendent, Bill Peel, Willow River
Superintendent, Jeff Pesta,  Wrenshall

NLA Board Agendas & Minutes
*Please note the below documents are in PDF.

Archived NLA Board Minutes