2017-18 Communications

October 2017

  • District Coop Staff Assignments 
  • Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Upcoming trainings are on www.nlsec.org website
  • IEP Team requirements
  • Progress Reporting
  • Teach Behavior

November 2017

    1) December 1st Child Count

      2) Sharing information with other districts

      • Steps for enrolling a new student with an IEP (handout)
      • Reminder districts can (and certified staff should if it’s a difficult case) share information from district to district without a release
      • Medical records cannot be transferred because the medical release is district specific
      • Paper retention of records is based on district policy for data retention.  All that would be required for paperwork would be an IEP, PWN/Consent, Evaluation, Plan/Consent

        3) CPS Referrals from Help Me Grow 

        • If a child is under investigation for child protective service, CPS Referral Mandate to refer to Help Me Grow. Parents can still opt out of that process, but it is the district’s duty to act on the referral whether through screening or evaluation.
        • Include Example CPS Referral Letter to use a script when making the phone call to parents/letter

          4) NLSEC new website 2017 from the new website: www.nlsec.org.  Re-bookmark new site as the old is not re-directing properly. 

            5) SpEd Forms updates:  SpEd Forms Updates Nov 2017 and video on Google or YouTube (4 minutes) - no major updates.

              6) NLA Referral Process-coordinator involvement, Setting 3, referral packet - on NLA Website.

                7) File review - Blue File Format Organizer

                January 2018

                  1) Follow Along Program referral for children 4 months to 36 months who do not qualify for Part C

                  • Referral can be made using the online system
                  • Additional information is in the ECSE NLSEC Folder (Google)

                    2) ASD consultant involvement in Evaluation

                    3) ABS license on IEP and general license checks

                    Afirm modules

                    • Evidence Based Practice Modules presented at the NLSEC ASD training
                    • Free membership and access to training, data collection sheets, videos, etc.

                      5) MA Designee list

                        6) Mentoring Day Information

                        7) Re-evaluation requirements

                        February 2018

                        1) MA Billing Log Start/End Times

                        2) SpEd Forms Status change by case manager after eval or exit

                        3) County Social Worker Visits

                        • St. Louis County

                        4) PLAAFP (Present levels of academic achievement and functional performance) and IEP goal writing Training:

                        • February 21, 2018 from 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm
                        • March 1, 2018 from 8:30 am - 11:00 am
                        • Location:
                          Cloquet Forestry Center (Stine Room)

                        April 2018

                        This was information distributed at CST meetings:

                        1) Graduation Planning

                        2) ESY

                        • “More Data Needed” needs to be changed to “yes” or “no” (PWN)
                        • Determination based on data - primarily from progress reports and data collected before and after breaks. Students need to qualify, not just benefit from.
                        • Worksheets due to your ESY admin and coordinator April 30
                        • New procedure for documenting need for a para during ESY 
                        • Consider variety of program options (home program packets, etc).  Should not be more than services during the school year.

                        3) County

                        4) B-2 Summer Services

                        May 2018

                      1. 1) Are you getting Coop Emails?
                      2. 2) ABS license clarifications
                        • Only K-12
                        • If serving on students with Autism, check for need for NLSEC Consultant
                      3. 3) Progress Reports
                        • Is someone collecting them for you and mailing them out?
                      4.  4) NLSEC move to Esko (August 2018)
                        • Emails, phone and address changing (website will stay the same www.nlsec.org)