Physical Health Disabilities

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Physical/Health Disability Services for Member Districts

  • Provide consultation to staff and students regarding the use of technology and special equipment/materials
  • Provide assistive technology trials for student's who are physically unable to write or unable to complete work in a timely manner due to physical limitation
  • Provide information about the student's medical diagnosis
  • Provide information about the educational implication of the student's disability
  • Help the student learn how to advocate for his/her needs
  • Make suggestions for adaptations/modifications to curriculum and class assignments
  • Observe the student in the classroom to assess the student's needs and give suggestions to help the student be successful in the school environment
  • Teach the student strategies to help him/her become more independent
  • Assist the classroom teacher in providing alternate methods of task completion and setting realistic expectations for the student
  • Provide an in-service to the student's class to explain the student's disability
  • Communicate the needs of the student to other team members (e.g. special education teacher, classroom teacher, paraprofessional)
  • Help the student learn how to organize his/her time and materials
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Tina Olson
Physical/Health Disabilities Teacher (P/HD)
Northern Lights Special Education Cooperative
16 East Hwy 61
Esko, MN 55733
218-655-5018 x7321

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